Window Treatments for the Right Amount of Light.

Beautifully done, the perfect window treatments can enhance the look of a room and help give it a finished feel. At Rogers City Home Furnishings, we offer quality standard or custom window treatments that are built to last. With dozens of styles, textures, and colors available, we are confident you will find the perfect design to complement every room in your home, office, cottage, or condo. Click here to view more information about ordering blinds, shades and shutters.

Professional Installation

Our in-house team offers professional installation throughout Michigan. Our expert crew will come to your home, measure the space, and come back to install your window treatments with skill and care.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are great way to add sophistication and warmth to your home. Available in a number of shades and colors, you’re sure to find blinds to complement your décor.

Blinds with Sheers

An elegant combination of a shade and a blind, blinds with sheers provide a more impressive and stylish look than traditional blinds while still providing adequate light control.

Power Blinds

Motorized and easy to operate, power blinds are an excellent window treatment for windows that are out of reach or for multiple blinds you wish to raise or lower in unison.