How to Select Living Room Furniture that “Fits” You

Whether you are purchasing your first sofa, chair or recliner, or replacing an old one, there are several things you should consider. Size is one of the most important. Furniture is no different than buying a pair of shoes. Your living room furniture should “fit” you. That’s hard to do if you’re looking at a picture. The best way to find a piece is to sit on the furniture and experience how it fits and feels. Take your coat off and plan on sitting in a lot of seats. When you do, here are a few things to consider.

To begin, your feet should touch the floor when sitting. When your feet hang down, the weight of your legs will cause pressure on the back of your leg. It might be comfortable at first, but eventually that pressure will become uncomfortable.

You should be able to sit all the way to the back of the seat without scooting. The back of your chair is designed to keep your lower back supported. If your back side does not naturally reach the back of the chair when you sit down, you’re not in the correct size chair.

Most everyone likes to lay down on their sofa. So, before you buy, we encourage you to try it out. If you can stretch your legs and still have room to comfortably rest your head, the sofa size is right for you.

When you sit down, do you sit up straight or do you lean back? To many, this is more of a preference, but it will affect “your” comfort.

When purchasing a recliner, make sure the cushion behind your head does not force your head forward. It can be fine when reclining, but if your head is being pushed forward in the sitting position, your chair does not fit you.

You should always recline in the chair you’re looking at to see if the footrest properly supports your legs. As a rule, the proper footrest support will come when your ankle rests on the footrest. The footrest can extend past your feet and you’ll be fine. However, if your feet are hanging 5 or 6 inches past the footrest, it’s the wrong size. Again, you’re not getting the proper support and the pressure on back of your calf will soon make it uncomfortable.

Our team at Rogers City Home Furnishings has the experience to help you find the perfect fit! When you do, sit for 20 minutes. Pull out your phone, delete old pictures or play a game, but just sit and experience it. If you’re still comfortable after 20 minutes, then your search is over. It’s time to take it home.