It’s Time to Consider an Adjustable Bed with Your New Mattress

Purchasing an adjustable base for your bed might seem like a needless expense.  Sure, it would be nice to be able to sit up in bed without having to stuff several pillows behind your back. However, an adjustable base provides many health benefits you may not have considered. In this post, we will discuss a few of the benefits.

If you are not going to bed on a full stomach, you can suffer from acid reflux. This occurs when you lay flat. Stomach acids move into the esophagus resulting in symptoms of heartburn. Moving the head up 6 to 8 inches has been shown to reduce acid reflux. This allows for better sleep and healthier digestion.

Snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma can be decreased by using the adjustable bed to raise the head. Snoring happens when laying flat. In this position, the neck puts pressure on the windpipe, causing it to narrow resulting in a snore. By lifting your head, you reduce the pressure on the windpipe and reduce or eliminate snoring. Also, when you to breathe easier, you reduce the chances of an Asthma attack.  Sinus pressure can be reduced by elevating your head.

Adjustable bases have been shown to help back issues. Raising your head and feet is a great way to support the spine and take the pressure off your lower back and sciatic nerve. It also can improve circulation. Raising the legs above the heart is improves circulation by making it easier for the heart to pump blood back up from the feet.

Many people have problems with their legs swelling. Pregnancy, diabetes, an injured leg or ankle, or simply working on your feet all day can cause your legs to swell. Swelling will be reduced by elevating your legs. It feels good and helps prevent issues like varicose veins.

If you’re considering a new mattress, let the sleep experts at Rogers City Home Furnishings show you how affordable it is to add the health benefits of an adjustable base to your mattress purchase. Don’t you think it’s time to experience what an adjustable base can do for you? It could change your life. Come see us for a personal, no obligation, demonstration. Your body will be glad you did!