Styling a Room with Accent Chairs

Although the primary function of a  chair is to provide seating space within the home, a great accent chair can be a statement piece on its own. It can also serve to bring other elements of the room together. Whatever your goal, there are different chair styles, each with a distinct personality and size to meet your need. Below are a few of the more common styles.

A smaller, armless chair known as a slipper chair has a lower seat scaled for smaller spaces. These chairs were once common in women’s dressing rooms because their low profile made it easier for women to slide on their slippers. There are ideal for bedrooms or in areas where less space is available.

On a larger scale, a wing-backed chair is a high-backed armchair that has sheltering “wings” around the person sitting in the chair. Born out of a desire to blocks drafts, these chairs feature a distinctive silhouette and are great for reading or for conversation next to a large sofa.

The club chair gets its name from the men’s clubs where the style originated. Often upholstered in leather,  they feature wide armrests, low backs, and ample padding. Given that they are roomy with deep seating, the make for a comfortable fit for a larger person.

With a shape based on a barrel, the classic barrel chair features a fully curved back and a low profile that makes a chic, comfortable design statement. Depending on the upholstery fabric or leather and details like nail head trim, these chairs can go with any décor from mid-century modern to traditional.

Swivel-based chairs fill a space where you need flexibility, such as an office, conversation area, or a nursery. These comfortable chairs are available in different configurations, including the previously mentioned barrel chair design.

Whether you are looking for a way to increase your seating space,  define the room or just add a bit of personality, accent chair ideas are a terrific option and an excellent way to introduce a new color, pattern, or style.